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Vivai piante Bal di Alessandro e Luigi Bessi


Alessandro and Luigi Bessi’s VivaiPiante Bal is a well-known plant nursery in the Pistoia area and it has been working in this field for many years. The business was created in 1960 by entrepreneur Luigi Bessi. After a journey of continuous growth, it reached a complete renewal in 2012 when Luigi’s son, Alessandro, entered the business.

In years
VivaiPiante Bal is characterised by modern and innovative machinery, structures, and equipment, that have enabled to simplify the production processes for growing the plants. The business extends on over 6 hectares of land that are assigned to open-field gardening, and on 1 hectare assigned to container gardening. VivaiPiante Bal makes use of the collaboration of highly-qualified staff to carry out specific and professional work in fertilization, irrigation, sowing, and pruning. The nursery’s asset is that it operates in Pistoia a container gardening service of every plant species. This is a modern growing technique imported from the United States, and it allows to grow every vegetable species during the whole year, going beyond the temporal limits imposed by the various seasons. The business mainly deals with wholesale of ornamental plants in Pistoia, offering a service to realize parks and gardens at a high level. A staff of professionals is fully available to design parks in Pistoia and to accomplish their clients’ requests. It is a service that allows to adequately distribute the spaces, creating designated areas for the kids to play, spacious green areas and much more, to give value to the area and to offer residents high standards of living.


Video presentation of our factory.

VivaiPiante Bal pays great attention to environmental sustainability, by relying on a container growing system in glasshouses and shade structures where it is possible to recover the irrigation water in a high proportion thanks to an adequate incline of the terrain and to a canalisation system. This technique has allowed the business to remarkably cut water and electricity consumption. Moreover, VivaiPiante Bal is equipped with an efficient photovoltaic plant which covers almost entirely the business’ energy consumption. Carefully choosing the raw material is essential to be able to offer clients only plants that are highly capable of taking root. VivaiPiante Bal deals with growing a large variety of plants, amongst which are magnolias, cypresses, camellias, and much more. An expert and qualified staff is fully available to offer clients an effective help service, providing info about fertilisation and irrigation methods finalised to maintain the correct growth of the plant species provided. The constant research for new growing techniques and a continuous professional training have allowed VivaiPiante Bal to become a leader in the sector. A garden offers the possibility to create an outdoor space where one can relax and relieve stress.


Customer focus is one of the values that characterise the nursery and that allow the business to stand out from the competition, by having loyal customers that have been relying on Bal nursery for years to buy any type of plant.


VivaiPiante Bal offers reliable and professional services to look after and design gardens in Pistoia. All VivaiPiante Bal’s garden plants in Pistoia are offered at extremely advantageous and reasonable prices.


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